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General Event Guidelines

Student-Athletes, Coaches, Staff, Officials, Administrators, Parents, and Patrons:

Welcome to Union Public Schools! As we navigate through these uncertain times during the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like you to know that the health and safety of all student-athletes, coaches, staff, officials, administrators, parents, and patrons is our priority.

When you attend events in our facilities, we are asking you to follow the guidelines below:

  1. Mask or face coverings are required for all participants, coaches, workers, officials, patrons or anyone entering the facility. Refusal to wear a mask or face covering will prevent admittance into the facility. All non-participants will be required to wear masks / face coverings at all times. We ask that all patrons exercise social distancing procedures in our facilities.
  2. Participants, officials and coaches may remove their masks when they reach their respective playing field or court (ex: volleyball: on the court, softball: inside the playing field fence). Face coverings are encouraged but not required inside the playing field.
  3. Ticket takers and sellers will be masked and gloved and behind a Plexiglas partition.
  4. At some venues, there may seating areas marked off as unavailable. Please refrain from sitting in these areas to help us keep our student-athletes, coaches and officials as safe as possible.
  5. While we believe sportsmanship is paramount to the development of young people, at this time, we will recommend no pre-game or post-game hand shaking, high-fives, or fist bumps between opposing teams to reduce contact as much as possible.
  6. For participants, officials and coaches, no shared towels, clothing, shoes, or water bottles.
  7. For shared equipment such as bats, helmets, catchers gear, etc., sanitation should occur in between use when necessary.
  8. Before, during and after the contest, players, coaches, game officials, team personnel and game administration officials should wash and sanitize their hands as often as possible.
  9. Locker rooms will be accessible to the visiting teams but we recommend the use of these locker rooms be as minimal as functionally possible. Masks will be required in locker rooms, athletic training rooms, and coaches’ offices and any area considered outside of the playing field. Officials should come dressed if they are able.
  10. Only necessary personnel will be allowed in the press box, on the sidelines, and at scorer’s tables.
  11. Meals in hospitality areas will not be served buffet style; rather meals will be served in individual boxes/containers.
  12. When traveling to and from away events, all coaches and student-athletes will be required to wear face coverings.

We thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns before coming to our facilities, please do not hesitate to contact our Athletic Department at 918-357-7410.