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June 28, 2018

Regardless of commitment, everyone needs to submit the following form asap.

This is a great fundraising opportunity.  Knowing we are losing considerable fundraising opportunities next year, this is a chance to close the gap for this year or move ahead for next year.  It is likely we will not be setting up sport courts in 2019, and tournaments will be limited at Union sites in 2019.  Those two opportunities make up the majority of our resources.

Setting up sixteen courts at the Tulsa Convention center is not only a great opportunity but also a monumental task without fifty to sixty workers. Good news for summer setup compared to last May is that we have 60 plus players in the program who are not in school. If more parents and players sign up than necessary, we will split into shifts.

Many hands certainly do lighten the load.

If we cannot meet the needs, we need to know that asap in order to secure additional help from outside sources.

The finish times listed in the form are the deadlines.  Though we hope not to go that late, we do not want people leaving before the job is finished.  With 50-60 working, we can set up in less than six hours and tear down faster. It’s all about the numbers. If your commitment number changes, let us know.

Pizza and water will be provided during setup.  Water only will be provided during tear down.  Knee pads and work gloves are helpful.